Web3 Gaming, the Metaverse and the Gamefied Experience

Wellness and Web3 According to a recent report by the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy is a $4.2 Trillion Global Industry – with 12.8% Growth from 2015-2017, with the wellness tourism sector alone valued at $639 billion.

The report also highlighted that the wellness industry is growing at a faster rate than the global economy, indicating a shift in consumer behavior towards more health-conscious and purpose-driven activities.
As the world becomes increasingly digital, the gaming industry is also undergoing a transformation, with the emergence of Web3 gaming and the metaverse. This new wave of gaming is characterized by the use of blockchain technology, which enables players to earn real rewards for their in-game achievements and assets.
One notable trend within the Web3 gaming space is the rise of "well-being games", which offer players the opportunity to earn rewards for engaging in healthy and mindful activities such as meditation, walking, and sports. These games not only promote physical and mental well-being but also provide a new, more achievable avenue for players to earn real value from their daily routines.
Our Gamefied Ecosystem is at the forefront of this new wave of gaming, providing a platform and wallet to securely manage digital assets in a trustless and scalable way.
The Gamefied Wallet is a new kind of smart contract wallet that allows for third-party leasing/renting of in-game assets, without sacrificing custody or security. This wallet allows the lender to control the assets' use while preventing unauthorized access or withdrawal. Gamefied has secured agreements with blockchain game companies to support this wallet variant, enabling a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience for users.
As the wellness industry and gaming industry continue to grow, the potential for Web3 gaming to positively impact global well-being is immense. The Gamefied Ecosystem offers a unique and innovative way for individuals to engage in purpose-driven activities while earning real rewards. We aim to scale this model across other successful blockchain games and match membership-based models with the correct asset management framework, creating a win-win situation for all participants.
The future of blockchain and the metaverse will be shaped by productive economic output, and Gamefied aims to play a major role in enabling this growth. The Gamefied Platform and Wallet provide investors, guilds, games, and players with a flexible and powerful way to operate and delegate digital assets across games, blockchains, and thousands of players simultaneously. With the Gamefied Experience, we aim to bring the play-to-earn model to millions of gamers around the world, bridging the gap between the worlds of wellness and gaming.

E-sports and Web3

The e-sports industry is also a multi-billion dollar space and the second most viewed sport, right behind the NFL in the U.S. (while video gaming has generated $178 billion worldwide in 2021 alone, and is predicted to reach $268.8 billion by 2025). Bridging this opportunity to blockchain has a real, tangible output for the worlds esports players and viewers.
The idea was born from observing the rapid growth of blockchain-based play-to-earn games. Popular games like F1 Deltatime and Axie Infinity have relatively expensive entry level access, but they let you earn prizes that surpass the initial costs. Wealthy players that buy a lot of in-game assets face the problem of managing the unused parts that can be brought to life in the hands of new players who are just starting the game.
The first experimental team - SuperFast - was based on the yield gaming model, where a few big backers built a massive garage of in-game parts, and then used it to stake the parts for the new players wishing to participate in the game.
The model proved to be successful and today, the SuperFast Team is a regular high scoring participant at top industry events.
Our goal is to scale this model across other successful blockchain games and match membership-based models with the correct asset management framework, thus creating a win-win situation for all participants.
We aim to scale this initial concept and bring the play-to-earn model to millions of gamers around the world, bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to those in need. Most DeFi projects gather billions of dollars in total value locked (TVL) from a relatively small number of wealthy people. Our aim is to help the rest of the world start playing these games and enable the new sharing economy in the Metaverse which these players could build with their contributions. In order to grow, blockchain needs to move the thinking of TVL as a purely financial term into one of real and productive economic output, more akin to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The growth of metaverses and the crypto community will be determined by this GDP equivalent and STZ wants to play a major role

Metaverse, Phygitals and Interoperability

The Metaverse of the future, phygital experiences will be seamlessly integrated, and interoperability between platforms will be the norm. This will require the development of sophisticated asset management solutions that can bridge the gap between these two realms.
In this future Metaverse, users will be able to manage their digital assets in the same way that they manage their physical assets, such as real estate, cars, and other valuables. They will have access to innovative technologies that will enable them to trade, invest, and manage their digital assets seamlessly across multiple metaverse platforms.
To achieve this level of interoperability, developers will need to work together to create a common language that enables the seamless transfer of assets between platforms. This will require the development of standards and protocols that ensure that digital assets are highly interoperable, transparent, and secure
Gamefied Asset Management solutions will play a crucial role in enabling users to manage their digital assets effortlessly and navigate multiple metaverse platforms with ease.
99Starz aims to build a unique and inclusive metaverse experience that offers endless opportunities for learning, fun, and growth. Our official alliance with OMA3 will help to shape a future where the boundaries between physical and digital reality are interwoven, and everyone has access to new and exciting opportunities for personal well being and professional development.

Onboarding the next Million Players through Education

Gamefied Academy will further enable the onboarding process for players entering the world of web3 gaming. With our cutting-edge technology and immersive educational resources, Gamefied will empower players to navigate the decentralized gaming ecosystem with ease and confidence.
Through interactive tutorials and engaging educational content, Gamefied aims to teach players about the benefits of blockchain technology, including tutorials on understanding Web3 and blockchain technology, staying safe and how to increase security, understanding ownership, and appreciating new levels of transparency.
With a focus on accessibility and inclusivity, Gamefied will provide resources in multiple languages and formats to cater to a diverse range of learners.
Overall, Gamefied's innovative approach to onboarding the next million players into web3 gaming through education will play a crucial role in driving growth and community building in the decentralized gaming ecosystem