Gamefied Features

The Gamefied Platform is built on the idea of hierarchical delegation, which allows nominated captians to delegate tasks down a chain to other managers and players. Hierarchical delegation is essential for organizational scale and consists of the following roles:

  • Asset Owner - Guild Manager / Investor / Corporation

  • Masters of Game/App/Metaverse

  • Captains

  • Scholars

Compatible with any Game Environment

The Gamefied Platform and Wallet protocol is compatible even with games without "scholarship" or rental functions at all. This compatibility is possible because hierarchical delegation works at the wallet level, enabling users to operate assets inside any game environment.


The Gamefied Platform and Wallet offer different levels of permissions to each role:

Guild Manager / Asset Owner permissions: All access to all assets, with no limitations. He owns keys and can withdraw, appoints Masters

Master permissions: Access to assets, appoints Captains, can transfer within the entire organization for the game(s) he’s in control to. He cannot withdraw any assets out of the organization, only Guild Manager can do it.

Captain permissions: Limited access to assets, able to transfer within teams they control, and appoint players

Scholar permissions: Restricted access to assets, able to only play with assigned assets, and can perform any in-game or on-chain transaction using scholarship wallet assets.

Non-intrusive Delegation Solution

The Gamefied Platform and Wallet are a post-production solution for games, meaning that they can be implemented after a game has already deployed. This solution requires no technical requirements or changes from the game's engineering side, and it works on any game, regardless of architecture. Our specialist developer team will handle all the necessary integration so games don't have to. This characteristic is crucial because games do not have time to rewrite their backend engineering, as they need to be focused on creating great games.

The Gamefied platform will generate yield from blockchain gaming, based on the P&E results with major games running on different protocols (Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, Binance Smart Chain, Ronin and so on).

Gamefied will continue to partner with as many major gaming-focused blockchain as possible as well as over 50+ games to scale DAUs.

Game Self-Onboarding SDK

The Gamefied Platform and Wallet team will deploy an SDK ( a collection of software development tools in one installable package) that will allow any game to easily list itself inside the asset management protocol. This SDK is expected to dramatically increase the speed of games onboarding into the ecosystem. As more games join the platform, it will entice more gaming organizations to join the fold, resulting in a rapid three-way marketplace flywheel between games, guilds, and players.

The Gamefied Platform and Wallet offer an efficient, secure, and flexible solution for gaming asset management. With hierarchical delegation, compatibility with any game environment, and different levels of permissions, the platform provides users with full control over their assets. The post-production solution requires no technical requirements, and the game self-onboarding SDK will make the platform accessible to more games, making it a great choice for investors, guilds, and players alike.

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