99Starz Litepaper 2023

This document outlines the 99Starz vision and mission, the products and services that will be built, and details on the STZ token and distribution.

Executive summary

Dubai-based 99Starz, led by industry experts as well as Silicon Valley veterans since 2019, focuses on building cutting-edge Web3 products and services that will empower gamers, guilds, studios, and investors. The end goal is to bridge the gap in growing play-and-earn as a movement to a wider audience around the world. The three pillars that will enable this are the Gamefied Asset Management Ecosystem, the Gamefied Wallet, and the 99Starz Guild. These three product verticals encompass web3 asset management software, distribution, and transfer of funds, as well as a gaming guild for web games that fosters collaboration and rewards for all participants.

The partnership with Animoca Brands gives the project access to the most promising web3 games. Scaling the yield gaming model across successful blockchain games, win-win situations will be created for all participants. Gamefied wallet, a new kind of smart contract wallet, will allow lenders to control the wallet and the assets without providing full access to third parties, thus freely leasing them across various P2E games. Furthermore, the wallet allows hierarchical delegation at the wallet level, ensuring that it works with games that don’t have “scholarship” or rental functions. The onboarding of games into the ecosystem will be done through an SDK, dramatically increasing the speed of new games entering the ecosystem.

For the gaming guild, a governance structure will determine the rewards, giving gamers the opportunity to perform activities they care about.

In addition, the STZ token, initially an ERC-20 token, was created to be the lifeblood of the project, serving as a medium of transaction, with only 99 million of the tokens ever being minted. It will bridge all of the major blockchains hosting the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystems to offer greater cooperation with other players and communities. Finally, all of the smart contracts will be audited by industry-leading third-party providers for total transparency and safety.

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