2023 Q1
  • Launch Gamefied Platform and Wallet
  • Raise brand awareness, build strong partnerships and community growth
  • Improve user experience through automation and CEX listings
  • Implement a referral program, optimize digital marketing, integrate AAA games
  • Gamefied Academy - Basic Web3 tutorials and platform related tutorials
  • Integrate corporate clients into the Gamefied ecosystem
  • Develop DAO governance platform to enable members to vote on key decisions
  • Expand 99Starz wallet; link cold to hot wallet.
  • Automate reward distribution and develop EIP-4907 listener compatibility in wallet
  • Expand marketing channels to reach new audiences
  • Provide more specialized tutorials through Gamefied Academy
  • Develop a new EIP standard for gaming asset minting
  • Launch STZ token to additional blockchains.
  • Create a wallet integration SDK for game studios
  • Integrate with well-being apps to support a healthier lifestyle for players
  • Provide a complete user experience by integrating with major Metaverses
2024 Q1:
  • Launch subscription model for Gamefied - “the Netflix of web3”
  • Build Dex infrastructure for easy swapping
  • Develop a decentralized P2P EIP4907 compatible rental marketplace for enhanced trading.
  • Launch verification system to further ensure assets safety and security
  • 50 top level games/apps/metaverses integrated in the Gamefied ecosystem
  • Develop guild-based asset data indexers.
  • Multisignature based guild management and asset distribution.
  • Build a game assets-specific search engine on guild based asset data indexer.
  • Launch prediction market to enable members to speculate on the future price of assets