Gamefied Platform and Wallet

The Gamefied Platform and Wallet are innovative tools for gaming asset management that provides our users with a flexible and powerful way to operate and delegate digital assets across games, blockchains, and thousands of players simultaneously. By offering

  • Trustless Management of Assets

  • Easy onboarding of guilds, games and investors - 2 Step process

  • Sophisticated accounts and player management

  • One touch system for payout and performance management

One of the challenges of third-party leasing/renting of in-game assets is ensuring that the leased assets can be utilized across the blockchain game, as experienced in many P&E games. This is because custody of assets is defined by wallet ownership.

Providing private keys to third parties is a security risk because they could potentially withdraw the owner’s expensive NFTs (some gaming NFTs are currently valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Additionally, we believe that, in the future, assets will have multiple purposes and use cases where an asset will be used in more than one gamified experience. {Gamefied will aim to maximize yield by procuring utility beyond the original game or other use cases (e.g. DeFi)}

The solution is a new kind of smart contract wallet that allows the lender to control the wallet and the use of its assets without losing control. Only the original owner of the wallet (i.e. the origin wallet) may withdraw the assets, and only to and from the original wallet used as a deposit address. Gamefied has secured various agreements with blockchain game companies to support its new wallet variant when it is ready for mass use.

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