99Starz Guild Badges

Unlocking Better Assets, Benefits, and Earning Opportunities
99Starz Guild has three different badge tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each badge represents a different level, with higher tier badges granting access to better assets, benefits, and earning opportunities.
To mint a badge, players can simply choose the badge they want, hold the minimum requirement of STZ for each badge and they will be able to obtain the badge.
The Bronze badge is free and available to all players. To mint a Silver or Gold badge, however, players must hold a certain amount of STZ. The exact amount required for each badge tier may vary, so players should check the platform for more information.
For example; Bronze badge - Free - Gives access to NFTs and games under bronze category
Silver badge - Holding 1000 STZ in private wallet - Gives access to NFTs and Games under Silver Category
Gold badge - Holding 5000 STZ in your private wallet - Gives access to Nfts and games in the highest category.
Higher badge tier members have access to more opportunities, including better scholarships and more positions, as well as extra perks that are currently being developed.
For games, categorizing them on the platform depends on various factors, such as the number of available NFTs, the tier of the NFTs, the cost of the NFTs, and earnings potential. This is something that will be adjusted according to the specifics of each game.
The badges system on the 99Starz Guild platform provides players with a clear indication of their status and enables them to access better assets, benefits, and earning opportunities as they progress through the badge tiers.
Additionally, it encourages players to hold more STZ, which can be beneficial for the platform's ecosystem as a whole.
As an additional utility, STZ tokens may also be used to acquire assets from the NFT gaming vault using a specific mechanism through STZ governance. In other words, these assets will be available for lending, as well as for potential sale (should we decide so) - but only through the STZ token.