STZ Token Economy

Our proposed utility token is designed to be a universal medium of exchange, utility, and attribution in the world of well being, e-sports and blockchain-based games. The token is built on a blockchain network, providing a transparent and secure means of transferring value and tracking transactions.

Only 99,000,000 (99 Million) tokens will ever be minted, making the supply limited.

We aim to create an ecosystem where players can earn the utility token through playing games, participating in tournaments, or completing various challenges. The token can then be used to purchase in-game items, participate in special events, buy in-game assets (or even trade for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies - this could be done easily via a partnership with a DEX, for example)

The use of a utility token promotes the play-and-earn concept, allowing players to be rewarded for their time and effort spent in the game. This will attract a wider audience and provide more incentives for players to engage with the game and the ecosystem.

In addition, the token can also be used as a means of attribution for game creators and developers. This means that when players purchase in-game items or participate in events, a percentage of the transaction can be automatically allocated to the game's creators, providing a sustainable source of revenue for the development team. The token will be bridged to all major blockchains hosting the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystems in order to enable transactions between multi-platform players and communities.

To implement the proposed utility token, we would work with game developers to integrate the token into their games and platforms. This would involve creating Self-Onboarding SDK and APIs that enable the seamless transfer of tokens between players, games, and other platforms.

We are also working with metaverses, gaming studios and guilds to promote the adoption of the token and encourage players to participate in tournaments and events.

The adoption of a utility token in blockchain-based gaming has the potential to revolutionize the way players interact with games and each other. By creating a universal medium of exchange, utility, governance and attribution, we can promote the play-and-earn concept and provide more incentives for players to engage with the ecosystem. We believe that our proposed utility token has the potential to become a major player in the world of gaming and e-sports.

Our team is bridging a critical gap in growing web3 experiences, by creating solutions to enable an easier, less complex flow for web 2 users into the space.

Web 3 gaming has clearly demonstrated that it can be a force multiplier for social good, and as such our focus will be especially on products that enhance wellbeing and support good deed for humanity, gamified platforms focused on wellness, meditation, mental disorders.

Strategic partnership with Animoca Brands and other major players allows 99Starz to have early access to many of the most promising play-and-earn games.

This aligns with the mission to deliver digital property rights and more digital equity to the world.

Animoca Brands is one of the most prominent investors in NFT and blockchain gaming. It owns the Sandbox, Phantom Galaxies, Gamee, Benji Bananas, Revv Racing as well as investing in Opensea, Axie Infinity, Nine Chronicles, Treeverse, Alien Worlds, Chain Guardians, Splinterlands, DeRace, Lympo, Star Atlas, and many more.

Our token is designed to be value-driven - the winnings of all membership yields will be used to incentivize guilds, players and contributors, and to expand the available NFT asset collection from various games and metaverse platforms (AUM).

STZ Token Utility and Incentive Model

99Starz STZ tokens have a unique value proposition based on the Gamefied ecosystem, which is designed to provide a new level of interaction between gamers and cryptocurrency users. The STZ token is the heart of this ecosystem, serving as a tool for players to access the platform, engage in various activities, and earn rewards.

The value of the STZ token is driven by a range of utilities, which include:

  1. Gaming, staking, prizes, and NFT revenues: Users can interact with the Gamefied ecosystem and 99Starz Guild by playing games, staking STZ tokens, winning prizes, and earning NFT revenues. These activities create a constant demand for STZ tokens, which can be used to access various features and services on the platform.

  2. Operations of 99Starz and Gamefied ecosystem: The operations of 99Starz and the Gamefied ecosystem are also powered by the STZ token. This means that as the ecosystem grows and expands, the demand for STZ tokens will organically increase, which will drive up its value.

  3. Other avenues to drive value: As the Gamefied ecosystem continues to grow, there will be other avenues to drive value into the STZ token, such as through advertisement potential, big data, educational programs, sponsorships, and much more. These opportunities will create new use cases for the STZ token, expanding its utility and driving up its value.

  4. Investment in Gamefied: One of the core purposes of STZ token is to enable investment in the Gamefied ecosystem, which aims to bring innovative web3 tools, services and experiences to players worldwide. By investing in Gamefied, we can contribute to the growth of the ecosystem, which in turn, drives up the value of the STZ token.

Overall, the STZ token has a great potential to become a valuable asset for users, supporters, and gamers alike. With a growing ecosystem, innovative features, and a range of utilities, the STZ token is set to become a key player in the cryptocurrency and gaming industries

Token Distribution

Only 99,000,000 (99 Million) STZ will ever be minted.

Tokens are allocated as follows:

  • Team – Co-Founders, Core Team, and Advisors, who are driving 99Starz from concept to reality

  • Public Sale – members of the general public who believe in 99Starz and want to participate in the DAO

  • Private Sale - strategic partners that have supported 99Starz since its inception

  • AUM - our NFT gaming & metaverse assets vault which we will constantly grow to allow more people to benefit from our ecosystem and the platforms we partner with

  • Reserve & Operations - to be utilized for R&D and development/implementation of the Gamefied ecosystem and to encourage the 99Starz & Gamefied community and ecosystem, as well as to give initial support to our players and community

  • Marketing / PR / Partnerships - a reserve fund for incentivizing brand awareness and strategic partnerships

  • Liquidity Pool - our allocation to support initial trading on major DEXs and CEXs

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