Luca Lamberti


A former sales and racing executive in the automotive and motorcycle racing industry, financial and change management advisor. Active for years, he’s a well-connected investor and advisor of several prominent crypto - blockchain projects as well as trading pro and manager of large NFT portfolios. A strong believer of NFTs and Metaverse mission.

Gediminas Klepackas


Gediminas is an avid gamer and professional manager with 10 years of experience in international affiliate marketing. Of those, he spent 8 years at Pokernews, helping with the expansion of franchise partnerships and managing the Lithuanian operations company.

On top of that, he has two years of experience in active sales within the fintech sector. He became immersed in crypto and blockchain in early 2018 as a COO at Blockchain Centre Vilnius. After becoming fascinated with digital assets and related technologies, he became the head of one of the most popular digital asset news sites

Omer Khan


A Silicon Valley-based CTO for 3 startups, has over 15 years of experience in contact center engineering, AI, and Blockchain, also a former Director of Engineering for a Washington DC-based $2 billion AI unicorn. He has also consulted for Fortune 100 companies, including Apple, Barclays, and AT&T, as well as two very successful blockchain companies.

Has also been through Google and Microsoft’s acceleration in London and San Francisco. He is frequently quoted in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Thrive Global, as well as being a contributor in and He has also been a speaker at many conferences and actively contributes to many forums in the industry.

Quintessa Porquet

Head of Marketing

Quintessa is an experienced marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Project Management - developing and executing successful marketing campaigns.

Her passion is focused on driving revenue growth and increasing brand awareness. Quintessa has a creative and strategic mindset, with the ability to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to complex marketing challenges.

Lukas Racas

Social Media Manager

Working in the crypto industry for more than a year. He believes in 99starz as the most exciting project in the industry! Lukas works on social media across a couple of industries to bring the best customer experience on social media platforms.

Ashar Iqbal

Senior UI/UX Designer

Ashar is a UI/UX designer and 2D animator with a passion for creating engaging and user-friendly digital experiences. With 2+ years of experience in UI/UX design and total 6 years of experience in 2D animation, Ashar has a unique skill set that enables him to bring his creative vision to life.

As a UI/UX designer, Ashar has experience working with a variety of clients and industries, including Logistics, Web3.0, and e-commerce. He is skilled in creating wireframes, and user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use.

Sead Fadilpasic

Content Creator

Sead is a technology journalist with more than a decade of experience. He started extensively covering the world of blockchain technology in 2017, as one of Cryptonews’ OG’s. Before that, he was freelancing all over the world, writing blogs, bylines, newsletters, ebooks, and social media copy. He’s probably typing something about 99Starz right now.

Serge Mallia

Game Research, French PR & Socials

Our independent financial advisor, expert in competitive market study and partnerships organization. Possesses knowledge of the various blockchain tools (bridge aggregator, cross-chain bridge, networks, etc.). An NFT gamer and collector.

Vlad Patcas

Game Specialist

Our Sorare specialist, Vlad has been involved in numerous other football related products since an early age and a strong believer in the power of blockchain since 2017. Former Amazon manager and Omaha PL player.

Robert Inge Halstensen

Game Specialist

Been in crypto and blockchain gaming since 2018. Making websites, videos and guides for blockchain games. The best players in F1DeltaTime with the highest global win rate with more than 80 1st place's trophies!

Mary Mae Orillana

PA and Design Support

Mary, a beginner in the crypto industry who works with 99Starz for more than a year.

Mary assists the team in meeting their objectives and is involved in producing high quality graphics, designs and video content.

"It's awesome to work with such great leaders who have a clear purpose and strong believers in Web3 technology and with a play-and-earn mission. Learning everyday and knowing you're on the right team is a wonderful experience!"

Sebastian Donnet

Community Manager

Sebastian is a skilled community manager with over 4 years of experience in building, moderating and managing online communities around gaming brands and products.

At 99Starz, Seb is known for his dedication to creating a positive and productive online environment.

He is passionate about engaging with customers and followers, as well as creating compelling content that resonates with the community.

As a skilled moderator, Seb ensures that discussions are respectful, on-topic, and inclusive.


Telegram manager

Felix has been passionate about gaming since he was a little kid, being captivated by good storytelling. Through the years, this passion turned into a hobby he still keeps to this day.

He enjoys challenging games that put players’ skills to the test, and help them learn and grow along the way. This hobby gave him the opportunity to start as a scholar for 99Starz. Soon, he became a strong believer in the platform and the vision.

20+ Team of Developers

Strong team of expert developers and programmers working to deploy 99Starz products.

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