99Starz Strategic Advantage

  • Through its partnership with Animoca Brands, 99Starz has early access to some of the most promising play-and-earn games, metaverse projects and well being apps in the web3 gaming industry.
  • As a first mover in the wellness-focused web3 gaming space, 99Starz is uniquely positioned to create immersive and rewarding experiences that go beyond traditional gaming and benefit a wide range of users.
  • With the support of top industry advisors, 99Starz is able to create sustainable, robust, and profitable web3 products that meet the needs of its users and the broader gaming community.
  • Engaging community of gamers to participate in creating a unique learning experience for newcomers
  • STZ token staking and STZ NFT reward events to promote the brand and the ecosystem
Last modified 5mo ago