99Starz represents much more than just another project in the rapidly growing web3 gaming and metaverse economy.
At the core of our mission is a commitment to empowering gamers, guilds, studios, and investors through the use of cutting-edge Web3 products and services, to enable mass adoption of the new paradigm. However, we believe that success is not just about generating revenue or gaining market share - it’s about creating a positive social impact and promoting global well-being.
We believe that our human-centric purpose is a force for good, and that our products and services can play a critical role in shaping the future of gaming, and by extension, the world.
“Like Uber, where anyone with a car can tap into Uber's transportation gig economy … anyone with an internet connection and STZ tokens can tap into the 99Starz Metaverse gig economy.”
The mission starts with three key products: the Gamefied Asset Management Platform, the Gamefied Wallet, and the 99Starz Guild.

99Starz Product Verticals

Gamefied Asset Management Platform - A trustless, institutional grade, all-in-one, web3 asset management software that supports complex gaming, assets and scholarship operations. Gamefied Wallet - is an NFT delegation solution for trustless management of web3 assets - distribution, transfer and payouts, streamlining the management of their portfolios.
99Starz Guild- is a web3-focused community of gamers that onboard and support player participation in partnering web3 games. This pioneering project aims to foster a strong community of players built around trust, transparency, and collaboration, creating a new era of gaming that is fair, secure, and rewarding for all participants.
Together, these three products are designed to effectively serve the web3 industry by providing the tools and services necessary for mass adoption of users into the web3 gaming and metaverse gig economy.
99Starz is supported by talented web3 industry experts as well as Silicon Valley veterans, seasoned high-profile investors, and backgrounds in Google, Microsoft and AI tech industries. Advisors and founders of the group have been involved in play-and-earn since 2019 and are owners and players of some of the most famous NFT gaming projects since their inception.
Our team has the first-mover advantage and strong experience.